UX Research / Design Experiments

Here are some of my experiments with UX research and design. My PhD dissertation is about how technologies, particularly social media, shape our experiences with the world. With these experiments with UX Research / Design I bring my philosophical knowledge to more practical issues.

Commute Easy

This is my first experiment with UX Design, part of the UX Design and Evaluation MicroMasters program by HEC Montreal.


To research and design an app to improve the user’s experience of communiting.


Maria, 40 years old, busy worker, commutes to work mainly on public transport.


Maria always have to access many different apps prior and during her commute to obtain all the information she needs for this experience.


How might we make Maria’s preparation to commute more simple?


A place for all things commuting.

Prototype made on Marvelapp.


Commute Easy organises Maria’s commute apps in one screen providing her with all the information she needs for the commuting experience.

  • Calendar
  • Minutes to leave the house (Based on chosen means of transport and Google Maps’ information)
  • Means of transport
  • Weather
  • Public transport card balance
  • Playlist for the chosen commute (Spotify)
  • Sum of the meetings of the day (Google calendar)

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