Project Management with Excel

Project: An Excel template designed to monitor the word count of my PhD thesis and hours worked per day/ week.

A PhD thesis is a big project which goes on for few years and results in a document of over 80 thousands words, in the case of my university in Australia. Having a document to monitor my progress over the weeks and how many hours I was dedicating to this project helped me feel more confident and motivated to finish my thesis, which has over 90 thousand words.

The Excel document, transformed into a template, has a handy graph that shows the distribution of words per chapter. This feature was quite useful towards the end of my writing process, as I could visualise how the whole book was looking like.

Next, there is a feature to monitor deadlines per chapter.

On the side, a calendar helps monitor your writing productivity per day, with words written and hours worked, which is fun to watch as you progress. When you are writing such a huge document it is easy to overlook how much you actually do per day or per week.

The document can be downloaded using the link below. When you open, please chose save as or save as a template.

The document was designed using Excel for Mac, version 16.

If you have problems using the template, please feel free to drop me a line.

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